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Monday, December 29, 2008

End of year thoughts

I've been thinking lately about the journey that has brought me to this stage of my Passion.
Who knew that a simple act of teaching a nine year old girl to sew would result in a lifetime of creative endeavors. Since my talents are mostly in the fiber arts and not technology, I'm not sure how to add photos to this blog but I'm going to work on that, because how can you follow my journey without photos.

I also have been thinking about how much my sewing machine(s) mean to me. Without them I would truly be lost. I spend time sewing most days and always my sweet Bernina is sitting there waiting to help me create my new project. Most of the time it is simple sewing, but some times it is called to do more difficult tasks, like mending(ugh!) difficult fabrics in difficult to reach places, rescuing a pair of jeans from the recycle bin. This is not my favorite task and I will procrastinate doing it as long as possible.

As we look forward to the new year, I have many new projects to start, ideas for using my "stash" of wonderful fabrics and a few from previous years that need to be completed. It seems there will not be a shortage of creations to share with you.

Hopefully I will get the photos added and be able to keep this interesting.

Thanks for reading the ramblings...Happy New Year and Happy Creating.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yes I can do this

Well here it goes...I've been assured that I can do easy she said..we'll see if this newbee can figure this thing out.
I'm hoping to keep a journal here of the goings on in my quilt studio and share thoughts, ideas and the process of quiltmaking. And whatever else pops in my head at the time. Oh that might prove to bee very interesting. Keep checking to see if I can actually keep this interesting. Wish me luck.