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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sugar-free Gingerbread House

I just have a little to share today. I was inspired by Pam's post a few weeks ago when she made "happy town". I really wanted to use that method and I was thinking about making a Gingerbread house (the real one) and then thought why not use Pam's technique and make it out of fabric.
So here it is. This is what I did instead of all the other things I should have been doing :-).
 I think it was worth it,
12 days till Christmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Happy December 1 to all.
Here at Hobby Manor :-) we are busy little elves. Hauling the tree in from the garage one section at a time.
 I have decided to place it in a new location this year. Same room but closer to the fireplace.. looks great but does take up more space.
 Tomorrow youngest grand daughter, Scarlett, will help put the decorations on the tree. Last year she didn't understand that they could not all go on the same few branches, lol.
Many boxes of Christmas decorations are just waiting to once again spend a few weeks making the house look festive and cheerful.
Add some Christmas CD's and hot cocoa, perfect!!

In the studio, however, I have assembled my Christmas wall hanging, it will take pride of place over the fireplace  when I have finished quilting it.
Christmas Flora   TaDa
That's all for now... much to do!
Kay xxoo