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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Welcome to Colorful Friday. Todays color is Copper. This color has been quite a challenge for me. I have found only a few  examples of the color.
Check out others participating to see what they have found.

hiding in plain sight..copper pennies!!!
copper colored clay used to  make this treasured pottery piece

Pictures found on the web... pretty : )
Have a great weekend.I have plans to start a new quilt using Pom Pom de   Kay

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Having fun in the Studio

I thought I would  share with you what is making me happy today.

I have been wanting to "play" with scraps and make some mug mats using the " no rules" methods I have been reading about on many blogs.I have made one small project "round the neighborhood" I posted on an earlier blog.

 I will admit to being a rule follower and kind of traditional quilter. I was trained before rotary cutters were invented...yes I am that old..haha.

 Anyway, I felt the need to become less structured.. at least some of the time. Mind you, I do still love beautiful applique quilts and precisely pieced quilts using beautiful fabrics.
I guess I want to broaden my techniques as well as my palette.

That said, I started to play with some scraps today and here is what I made.


Using some scraps that all seem

  to look good together
I layered a foundation of back, batting (scrap) and top background piece. I then lowered my feed dogs and using my free-motion foot, I free-motion quilted the foundation piece before adding scraps.
I found that working with a larger piece then cutting  into the 4.5 inch mats was easier when you have to use a home machine to quilt your piece.
I used projects  my friend Pam had posted on her blog as inspiration. After laying out my scraps, I just outline quilted the pieces to anchor them down. After everything sewn, then I used my wavy blade rotary cutter and cut them into square mats. And they are done. Just in time to give to co-workers that have the same birthday tomorrow. I hope they like them. The other two I will save for future gift giving.
 I plan to make many more of these they are so fast and easy.

Speaking of inspiration!! Look what arrived in the mail today. Notice the sun shining thru the window, a hint of spring : )

Stay tuned for more fun in the studio!!
Happy Tuesday..

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spots Before My Eyes

Welcome to Colorful Friday. What fun..polka dots!!! I really LOVE polka dots. They make me happy and seem to play nice with all other fabrics. I wish I had more time today to write but I have out-of-town guests arriving today for my hubby's sisters' wedding Saturday. I've been cleaning and sorting out know the drill when company is coming to stay : ) .
I do have some pictures to share and hope you will check out the other participants at Daisy Quilts and see what kind of spots the have before their eyes.
Happy Dotty Friday.
Dotty Stars Quilt made of only polka dot fabrics
I Love Paris!  with applique Dots
I Love Paris!! Round Robin Quilt
Favorite Dotty Tote
Cute Dish
Black and white...white and black
No one can resist a perfect red and white dot  : )