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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sew Day

Jelly Rose by Fig Tree Quilts

Yesterday was a special day. My friend, Pam and I try to get together once a month or so and sew together. Yesterday she hosted the get together at her home and we had a great time but I discovered that the quilt I chose to work on had some issues. My fault completely,  I seem to have made some errors in the positioning of the stems and leaves on over half the blocks!!!!GRRRRR!! Now I must RIP! out the tiny invisible machine applique stitches. For some reason, I got confused and curved the stems the wrong way on half of the blocks. I think I should have just tried to complete a block at a time( takes 4 units to make a block) I would have caught the error much sooner. Oh, well. I have a good seam ripper and time. Maybe a good movie and a cup of tea would help too. I did manage to complete one of the nine blocks and have one more ready for sashing. I've posted a picture hoping this will make me more determined to finish it and post proof of it. Looking at it on my design wall, I know why I had to make it..I just love the fabrics.

I have a sticky-note pad that says "Today is a good day to start a quilt"....I would have to agree with that statement. I have many planned and waiting to be started and I am looking forward to many "good days" ahead.
I hope you get inspired to start something new. Enjoy!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Look what I did!

Happy New Year!

Look what I did today!! I have been posting the Bunny Hill Design 2009 block of the month blocks as I have finished them. My goal was to get the blocks put together with the sashings and borders by the first of 2010 and I did it!! I am very pleased with how my choice of fabrics for the sashings and borders look. Thank you to Anne Sutton for this fun design I really enjoyed getting a new block in my inbox every month.  Now what will I do??
I also joined a New Years Day Mystery Quilt event from Planet Patchwork. This is the first time I have committed to this fun event and I really enjoyed completing one step an hour until I had a completed top. It was a challenge to pick the fabrics without knowing what the end result will be, I think it went well I would have picked a different focus fabric (black print) if I had known that the print would have been sort of lost.  It was fun to get up early and sew in my PJ's all morning until the quilt top was finished.  I highly recommend it.
Well that's how my year started...pretty great I think. Hope you find many fun projects to inspire you this year.
Cheers to 2010!