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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Happiest Place On Earth

I have recently returned from a fun week in California with my daughter and the three grandkids, age 16, 9, and 4.
It really was alot of fun, we spent two days at Disneyland..ofcourse the highlight of the trip!! and managed to get a chance to visit some family in Newark and Lodi. We did spend quite a bit of time all together in the car traveling from one point to another and of course there were the usual sibling disputes over such things as "looking at me", "poking me" etc. Oh how I had forgotten what it was like to spend many hours on the road with kids in the car!! I must say, though, all in all they were all really great. A fun time was had by all and I think all the little disputes are now long forgotten.
 I returned home to find that I had not taken many photos. Not sure why, but I know that my daughter was taking alot so I guess I just depended on her to take most of them. I do have a few to share. One of my favorite exhibits was the Fairyland where the girls got to pose with Tinkerbell. I just loved how the scale of the flowers and plants were designed to make you feel small like the fairies.

I found some MadHatter Tea and a tea ball shaped like Mickey Mouse that I just could not resist bringing home.

I don't have much "quilt" related news to report but I do have something in progress to share with you soon.
I'm finding that returning to my usual schedual a bit hard. I know I have many projects to work on but I just can't get motivated. Today is cool and raining so maybe I will get in the mood now. Time for a cup a tea, I think.
Hope you enjoy the last days of August!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What have I been doing lately?

I have been working very hard to finish a sample for the shop I work at. It is a BOM called Lovebird Lane.

It will hang in the store while the BOM is progressing and then I will get it quilted. I used the Invisible Machine Applique method for the applique blocks. I'm particularly proud of the pieced border!! A bit challenging but worth the effort. It fit perfectly (happydance!!)

When I had Lovebird Lane safely delivered, I picked up Elizabeth where I had  left her, with all Delectable Mountains and 3 Star blocks pieced..much left to do!!
But I persevered (?) and here she is....the Beautiful Elizabeth,,,TaDa!!
Now I've finished two quilts and I've cleaned my studio.
I guess I will have to start another project waiting in the wings to get my attention.....Who will it Be!!!
Stay Tuned, Friends!!
Tootles, Kay