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Sunday, December 27, 2009

HAPPY 2010

Christmas 2009 is now just a great memory. It seems like every year the time just flies away once we get to Christmas Eve and Day. I hope everyone got what they asked Santa for. I did, but mostly I recieved the greatest of gifts,  love and time with family and friends. Looking back on all the great conversations, laughter, chaos, food and lack of good sleep..ahh that is what I will remember. I hope you all had a Christmas experience that made you happy.
Now on to a new year!!!! Wow, 2010...I'm not sure I can get my mind around that number quite yet...I'm sure I will be still writing 2009 for a few months yet. It takes longer to sink in these days. I have nothing to show or tell about this time. No photos of completed projects, but I will be ringing in the new year cleaning my Studio. It becomes the dumping ground for everything that needs a temporary needing wrapping, wrapping supplies etc. I also have bits and pieces remaining from last minute projects that I need to sort out. I think I will put in one of my favorite movies and start digging in. Maybe a pot of tea will help as well.
I must stay away from all the Christmas sweets that remain in my house,tho. They seem to call out to me and I must resist. Why can't I like celery and carrots instead???? It is a good thing that my Studio is far away from the kitchen...well not that far ... so I will just have to talk myself out of indulging. Wish me luck with THAT!!
I hope you all have a Happy and Safe New Years Celebration.
Welcome 2010 and all its possibilities. Cheers.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brrrrr..The weather outside is frightful, but the Studio is delightful!

We are in a deep freeze here in Western Washington. It has been below freezing for a few days now. Great days to stay indoors and work on those Christmas projects. I have now finished all of the BunnyHill Designs
"A Tisket A Tasket" block of the month blocks. I am ready to sew them all together with sashings and borders. It will have to wait until I have a few more Christmas gifts made. I may save it for a New Years Day project.
I spent most of today sewing a very cute apron and pot holder for a good friends' gift. I really think it turned out adorable!!!! My opinion only, ofcourse. I hope the recipient will agree.  This pattern was easy and I think I will make more. I have some vintage kitchen curtain fabric that I have been waiting to make something fun with and I think this will be the pattern. I will post a picture, ofcourse!!

Last weekend my husband Steve and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary!!!! I can't believe that 40 years went by so fast. We had a nice day in the city and special dinner out.

Hope you are all enjoying the season!!! Cheers.