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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sugar-free Gingerbread House

I just have a little to share today. I was inspired by Pam's post a few weeks ago when she made "happy town". I really wanted to use that method and I was thinking about making a Gingerbread house (the real one) and then thought why not use Pam's technique and make it out of fabric.
So here it is. This is what I did instead of all the other things I should have been doing :-).
 I think it was worth it,
12 days till Christmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Happy December 1 to all.
Here at Hobby Manor :-) we are busy little elves. Hauling the tree in from the garage one section at a time.
 I have decided to place it in a new location this year. Same room but closer to the fireplace.. looks great but does take up more space.
 Tomorrow youngest grand daughter, Scarlett, will help put the decorations on the tree. Last year she didn't understand that they could not all go on the same few branches, lol.
Many boxes of Christmas decorations are just waiting to once again spend a few weeks making the house look festive and cheerful.
Add some Christmas CD's and hot cocoa, perfect!!

In the studio, however, I have assembled my Christmas wall hanging, it will take pride of place over the fireplace  when I have finished quilting it.
Christmas Flora   TaDa
That's all for now... much to do!
Kay xxoo

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Hi everyone out there...first I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to eating and laughing and enjoying family and friends.
I have had limited time in the studio lately but I have pulled out a Christmas project that I started last year, I had some of the applique blocks made so I decided to finish it for Christmas this year.

from the book "Flowers All Around" by Cindy Lammon

Today I finished the center applique block and now I just need to put it together and add the borders. I thought I would share what I have so far.
I have co-worker Noel to thank for giving me the polka dot background, thanks Noel it makes the quilt!!
I have a busy week ahead and  but will try to find time to put it all together and then I will post again.
Thanksgiving blessing to all.
Gobble Gobble  :-)  Kay

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finished At Last

This morning I finished my Strawberry Baskets quilt that I started in 2008 at a retreat with Verna Mosquera.
Yesterday was  rainy, perfect for sewing all day, and I decided to work on quilting the borders.
I usually have no trouble deciding what to quilt in the blocks but the borders are different altogether. I usually get stuck trying to decide what to do. This seems to always be a stumbling point for me. So I procrastinate.
Finally yesterday I decided that I just had to get on with it!! So here it is quilted and bound and a big sigh of accomplishment. One more ufo done :-).

I have two more waiting in the wings with the same scenario....but I think I'm going to reward myself with a little piecing today.
Cheers!! Kay xo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Since my last post I have started the pattern "Swoon", finished blocks 1-7 of the Farmer's Wife Quilt, traveled to a charming Pumpkin farm with my daughters family and made two new bags, one from a pattern and one I designed.
And drank lots of tea in my new cup and saucer. A gift from my daughter. She brought it back from Norway for me. We think it looks like a Cath Kidson (whom I LOVE) but it isn't. No is my favorite cup.

I decided to make "Swoon" designed by Camille Roskelley from a fabric collection designed by Cyndi Walker called  "Daydream" . I ordered fat quarter bundles and a pre-cut squares from
 Hawthhorn Threads last spring. A perfect fit for this pattern I think.

I know this is going to be worthy of the title..I'm very happy with the first.

I have been enjoying reading the postings on many blogs about the Farmer's Wife Quilt and since I bought the book last spring I feel I must jump on the bandwagon and make one for myself. I must admit to not being a fan of the template method, but I love the blocks so far. I decided to use my very large collection of Blackbird Designs fabrics.
 I have been collecting for some time and was ready to leave the contemporary/modern fabrics which I love of course, and play with fabrics with a more historic feel to them. I admit to being a very multi-personality quilter.

Blocks 1 thru 7

Now I will share a few pictures from our adventure at the Pumpkin Farm. This was a new one to us and about 45 minutes southeast in the beautiful countryside near Enumclaw, Wa.
The Thomasson Farms is a working Dairy farm. They whole family gets in the act and what a fun afternoon we had.

Scarlett scarecrow

Learning how to milk a cow..but first we must "pose"
just a few of the pumpkins we had to choose from..some of the partial green ones were very cool.

Stella's classic "goofy-girl" face.

While visiting a local fabric store, I spied on their "flat-fold" table some interesting decorator prints and thought they would make cute bags, or pillow..or both.
Finally inspired, I played around with an idea and made this one:
This fabric really makes me happy..used a fun fabric from my stash for the lining and strap
This bag is  241 Tote Bag
designed by Anna Graham of
That catches you up and now I need to get busy and make more stuff..:-)

Monday, October 3, 2011

the peachy crafty world of tif fussell

I have been following a blog called dotttie angel for quite a while and enjoy her style and reading the goings on at "mossy shed".
The author of "dottie angel" is Tif Fussell, an adorable brit living near Seattle and she has now written a book  "dottie angel..the peachy crafty world of tif fussell ". I was invited to a book signing by fellow "follower", Pam.

What a feast for the eyes and inspiration. I'm looking forward to making the fun vintage inspired projects.

This window display greeted us at Assemble Gallery and Studio

I love the simplicity of Tif's ideas...I will be looking for vintage linens and doilies.

What a great use of lamp shade frames...clever girl.
Thank you Tif for putting all this lovliness into a book. It was  "peachy perfect" to meet you.

 I really am on inspiration over-load and can't seem to settle on what to make first. For now, I will just continue to be inspired . Maybe tomorrow I will be ready to make something.  I will gather together all my goodies and collections and see what inspires me.  : )
Happy Monday to all and to all a good week.
xxoo Kay 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Catching Up

I have been pulled away from my usual routine. Hubby had some issues with medication that caused an emergency trip to hospital but home and improving now so thought I would post Pics of what is in progress at the moment.
I spent many hours last week preparing blocks for Princess Tea Party kit that I started in July at The Sweet Retreat in California.
I found that watching episodes of "24"on Netflix helped to make the process more interesting. Really getting into that series..did't follow it when it was a regular series but really hooked now.
I have completed the "stacked cups" block and ready to move onto the next one. Did I mention that this is just the blocks from Section one!!!!!! Still have to prepare section two and three...I think one will keep me busy for quite some time. Will post my progress.
Stacked tea cups block
I also just finished piecing a cute table runner for my entry hall table using Sew Cherry (again!). Pattern was from Love of Quilting magazine may/june2011. Designed by Darlene Zimmerman called Sweet Pickin's.
I will keep the quilting simple and minimum so it can be finished fast.

Son and daughter-in-law have arrived for a visit from Norway, very happy to see them. Lots of good family time is planned.
Next week is a big birthday week. Mine, daughter-in-law and son all next week. So happy to be able to share birthday time with them. Party, Party, Party! :-)

Have a good weekend out there.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Make new friends but keep the old, One is silver the other Gold

I was invited by my good friend Pam to join her for an anual BBQ for a local LongArm Quilters Guild. This event is held at the home and studio of Judy Irish, well known and admired Long Arm Quilter and teacher. I also must say without a doubt the most gracious of ladies.
 She opened her studio for touring and even encouraged us to post pictures and blog about it.

 I was welcomed by all the lovely ladies from this group even though I don't have a LongArm and quilt on my trusty Bernina (short Thank you again Pam for sharing this great group of ladies with me.
I took a Machine Quilting class from Judy a couple of years ago and when I was struggling to move forward with my quilting. I felt stuck, afraid to venture into more complicated design than spirals and stippling.
Judy encouraged me to just try new things and keep at it and I would get better, I must say she took the fear away and I have since been much less critical of each little stitch and improved. Her work is all free-motion and spectacular. In her studio hang many quilts (from the it!) and all her many awards.
Her stash is admirable as is her attitude about organization.
I will let a few pictures speak now.
At first glance one would think that this was unorganized. Judy, who offers no apology (and good for her!) knows where everything is and after wandering around for a few minutes it is clear that there is organization happening here. Her piles of fabrics are not random, but related. There is a very relaxed attitude in this space which on second look, is very creative.
Thank you Judy for welcoming me into your studio. You are an inspiration.
 I will not stress about piles of fabrics and messy corners in my sewing studio ever again. I will embrace this as creativity.How can you be creative with everything put away. Some of my best fabric combinations have happened when fabrics have been thrown into piles randomly.
Here are a couple of Judy's new Lone Star quilts. She is currently teaching this at a local shop.
Very whimsical using chickens and eggs and dots..oh my!! Love It !!!
Judy has a real talent for using those large scale prints..isn't this one awesome??

Took this as we left... what a great day it was..and I have been invited to visit again...soo happy : )
Ok. Shifting gears a bit...
I have been working on a model for the shop where I work. The Cherry a la Mode line from Ryley Blake Designs, designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet, arrived  and wehen I saw the free project sheet I asked if I could make the model.
I finished sewing on the final borders yesterday morning and rushed to get pictures to share. new ironing board cover :-)

One perfect block

Here it is completed. Isn't this a cheerful quilt.Love It!
Well, friends, thats all for now. Hope you are having a good weekend and those on the east coast.. Stay Safe and you are in my thoughts.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making Progress....I think.

I can't seem to keep up with how fast time is slipping away these days. Monday comes and the week starts filling up with mostly fun activities and then before I know it is Friday.
Yesterday I had a fun "Sew-Day" with Pam and Jenny.
We had a great time. Check out the terrific solid color quilt that Pam is working on, it is spectacular. And Jenny pieced a few more blocks for a long-time project. Very beautiful blocks.
I decided to start block one of a BOM called The Night Before Christmas. I have been collecting these blocks for seven months but haven't even started block One.. I spent the day making six 6 inch finshed ohio stars, one is in block one and the others are in future blocks! Didn't seem very productive but managed to get all the block piecing done this morning and applique pieces are prepared so I think I may have block one finished soon :).

Block One

I  also started machine quilting my Strawberry Basket quilt and it is taking some time.

Pin basting..not my favorite part..


Ready, Set, Go!!

I'm pleased with the results of using a paper guide for the cable but it was time consuming and removing the paper was tedious!!

I'm quilting a row of baskets each night. Tonight will be row two.
Hope I can find a good movie to watch tonight., while stitching.

I just have to share some photos of an outing Hubby and I took last saturday to Whidbey Island. It was a beautiful day. The  ferry line was long but once we
got onto the island it was soooo worth it. Here are pics of our summer saturday.

Last one on the Ferry!!! :-)

Beautiful Hollyhocks!!! Wish these beauties were in my garden. Maybe next year : )

Tall ships visiting the Coupeville harbor for the Arts and Crafts Festival.

What a beautiful view!!
Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more progress on these projects.
-Kay ox

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Strawberry Baskets

Strawberry Baskets designed by Verna Mosquera
  Lisa from Stashmaster has inspired me to get out those UFOs and finish them.
I started Strawberry Baskets in the spring of 2008. I  finished piecing the basket blocks and assembled the center rows. I appliqued the corners and had all but a small portion of the third applique border complete and then I wandered away to work on other projects. I just finished appliqueing the last border and yesterday I sewed it together. What a great feeling of accomplishment!!!! 
Now I need to decide how I will quilt it.

I am now working on Seaside Cottages also designed by Verna. I finished the cottages some time ago and need to applique shells, roses and sailboats.
This is a real sweet quilt and can't wait to finish it. I may use the invisible machine applique method on this one.
Finishing is good but now I have alot of quilting to do..... I might need a marathon quilting weekend!!!
I will keep you all posted on the progress.
ox   Kay