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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sew Day

Jelly Rose by Fig Tree Quilts

Yesterday was a special day. My friend, Pam and I try to get together once a month or so and sew together. Yesterday she hosted the get together at her home and we had a great time but I discovered that the quilt I chose to work on had some issues. My fault completely,  I seem to have made some errors in the positioning of the stems and leaves on over half the blocks!!!!GRRRRR!! Now I must RIP! out the tiny invisible machine applique stitches. For some reason, I got confused and curved the stems the wrong way on half of the blocks. I think I should have just tried to complete a block at a time( takes 4 units to make a block) I would have caught the error much sooner. Oh, well. I have a good seam ripper and time. Maybe a good movie and a cup of tea would help too. I did manage to complete one of the nine blocks and have one more ready for sashing. I've posted a picture hoping this will make me more determined to finish it and post proof of it. Looking at it on my design wall, I know why I had to make it..I just love the fabrics.

I have a sticky-note pad that says "Today is a good day to start a quilt"....I would have to agree with that statement. I have many planned and waiting to be started and I am looking forward to many "good days" ahead.
I hope you get inspired to start something new. Enjoy!!!

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