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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looking for Teal

 This week the Colorful Friday color is TEAL. Well, I have to say that this was especially hard for me. Teal seems to be very subjective and I may not have it quite right but I have made a valiant attempt to photograph some Teal's that I have found. Here goes...
cute fabrics
gift from a friend
from my stash
favorite lotion
Hello..MY Name Is...
Name tags and cute pen

Don't these scissors have personality

Trinket boxes

"My Favorite Things"    quilt

Fun Teals

treasured vintage threads from my grandma Baker

gift from grand children

Keep those nails filed!!

fancy soap dish
My camera needs focus has quit working..sorry for the "fuzzies"...Thanks for stopping by.


  1. There's lot of teal at your place...well done. Love your Moda fabrics :-)

  2. Hi Kay.
    I think you have been quite successful in finding teal. Love all those beautiful fabrics. And the scissors are so cute!
    I really love the way the colour comes through in the soap dish. Gorgeous.

  3. Hello Kay,

    You have a great amount of Teal at your home. Love your "My favourite Things" quilt.
    Happy colourful Friday.

  4. You've done really well to find this much teal.

  5. you did great...cute trinket boxes

  6. So the scissors made me giggle. Too cute :)

  7. Hello Kay, I finally made it to your place... thunderstorms have passed.
    Oh I do agree!! You did well... a valiant effort in finding teal at your place :-) and I too thought it was a hard colour to find... interesting.
    Your trinket boxes are wonderful and your scissors and well... everything are great!
    Happy friday!! xx

  8. first one is my that a picture?

  9. I feel your zeal for teal. Love your photos!

  10. Great job on teal, fuzzy photos and all. Enjoyed the fun comments with each photo. Scissors are way too cool. Love Lois