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Friday, March 11, 2011

Spots Before My Eyes

Welcome to Colorful Friday. What fun..polka dots!!! I really LOVE polka dots. They make me happy and seem to play nice with all other fabrics. I wish I had more time today to write but I have out-of-town guests arriving today for my hubby's sisters' wedding Saturday. I've been cleaning and sorting out know the drill when company is coming to stay : ) .
I do have some pictures to share and hope you will check out the other participants at Daisy Quilts and see what kind of spots the have before their eyes.
Happy Dotty Friday.
Dotty Stars Quilt made of only polka dot fabrics
I Love Paris!  with applique Dots
I Love Paris!! Round Robin Quilt
Favorite Dotty Tote
Cute Dish
Black and white...white and black
No one can resist a perfect red and white dot  : )


  1. Love your dots...hope you have a very fun weekend full of love and family!!

  2. Morning from Australia Kay :-)
    You found heaps of dots... I love them too :-)
    They do seem to play nice with nearly everything!!
    Enjoy your guests (yes we know the drill) and your family wedding... hope it's wonderful.
    Happy Spotty Friday Kay xx

  3. Wonderful Polka Dots! They really ARE a cheerful pattern aren't they.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend with the wedding, family and friends!