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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Strawberry Baskets

Strawberry Baskets designed by Verna Mosquera
  Lisa from Stashmaster has inspired me to get out those UFOs and finish them.
I started Strawberry Baskets in the spring of 2008. I  finished piecing the basket blocks and assembled the center rows. I appliqued the corners and had all but a small portion of the third applique border complete and then I wandered away to work on other projects. I just finished appliqueing the last border and yesterday I sewed it together. What a great feeling of accomplishment!!!! 
Now I need to decide how I will quilt it.

I am now working on Seaside Cottages also designed by Verna. I finished the cottages some time ago and need to applique shells, roses and sailboats.
This is a real sweet quilt and can't wait to finish it. I may use the invisible machine applique method on this one.
Finishing is good but now I have alot of quilting to do..... I might need a marathon quilting weekend!!!
I will keep you all posted on the progress.
ox   Kay

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  1. I love your Strawberry Baskets! It is so so sweet! I am so glad you finished it up! Does this mean that you will quilt it yourself? I never have to make those decisions... I always send mine off! Can't wait to see how Seaside Houses progresses Kay!!!