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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome Home to 58 Berry Street

Happy Groundhog Day everyone.

We have quite a nice, partly sunny, day so far here in my part of  Washington State.

I wanted to introduce you to the next finished block for the Home Sweet Home quilt.
I am a little concerned that this block is brighter than the rest .
The blue photographed much more royal than the actual color. I will move on tho, to the next one.
 "62 Holly Hill" sounds like a pleasant place to call Home!!
More of those tiny strips on the windows, but a very charming house just the same.
Now I just need to select all the fabrics...sometimes this is the most challenging part!!

I"m anxious to start the February Schnibbles.. still need to decide what fabrics to use.
Maybe Valentine's theme??? Hummmmm.
Enjoy the day!
ooxx Kay

PS decided to add this "group shot" of all the blocks together...Nice neighborhood don't you think??
:-) K


  1. I have always wanted to make those houses! I love your applique blocks!

  2. Another gorgeous block Kay!
    Yes, definately a very NICE neighborhood!
    Your applique work and fabrics are so beautiful! Looking forward to seeing 62 Holly Hill!