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Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Day

Dreaming of a Summer Day as a California Girl!!!

April's Schnibble "Summer Day" using "California Girl"

I grew up here in Western Washington and as a teen envied those girls lucky enough to live in California.
Those Beach Boy songs made sun and the beach sound very appealing!! 
This will be a great little Summer quilt to hang on the porch. 
We won't see summer weather here until July but I can dream.
At least my favorite flower is blooming..Lilac. 
I think I will go out and cut a bouquet and enjoy their lovely scent :-)
Here's to Summer Days!!
ox Kay


  1. Such a pretty quilt top Kay!
    Love the fabrics you chose for it too.

    I love the smell of Lilacs (been a long time since I've smelled them) Enjoy your beautiful bouquet!

  2. I am still trying to catch up on blogs... especially the parade people! I loved your quilt Kay! I am playing with those fabrics right now too... gorgeous colors!