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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where does inspiration come from?

I find that I am inspired by all the senses, really. But this morning I was in the shower and I began thinking, I seem to do that quite alot in the shower, about where to take some of the ideas that have been floating around my head. Sometimes I just can't get a hold of them so they just spin around and around. Then I will see something, and I get inspired to work it out. I have been playing with paint and words and collaging on different surfaces today. I like what I made and have posted pics of my new "itty bitty art". These little gems are 2"x2". I'm trying to figure out how to link them together. I think jewlery findings might be the answer. The idea is still a "work in progress" but I have many I want to try!!! The photos did not turn out as clear as I wanted but I'm still getting the hang of it so I hope the future photos will be better. Until next time..thanks for visiting.

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