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Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Day

I love Mondays. So many possibilities ahead of me. I know that I can choose what I will focus on this week. Providing, of course, that I have some free time ahead of me. Even so, if the week is more challenging, then I must make good choices with my free time. I think we all have to do the balancing act with time. I have the luxury of having quite a lot of time to pursue my passion. I must say tho, that I do waste a fair amount of time just thinking about what I should be doing, instead of just doing it. Is that called procrastination?? Why procrastinate doing the thing you love??? A mystery to me, but I think that I will try harder to appreciate and use wisely every free minute of every day. I'm sure that if we all choose to use our time better we would be surprised how many more minutes we could find to spend doing what we love to do.
Lately I have been organizing and sorting out "the stash". Well I must tell you that this has been a real time consuming process and I would have rather spent it actually creating. I did, however, find a few pieces of fabric that I had forgotten that I had. Real nice pieces, too. I guess it wasn't a total waste of time. I have sorted, cleared out and now have to decide what to do with those things that I no longer want or will use. More piles to deal with...ugh. For now I will concentrate on doing what I love best, and leave the rest for another day.
This morning I took some pictures of my Studio. I did not clean or change anything, this is just the way it looks most of the time..sometimes it is much messier. On the design wall are two blocks from a block of the Month in progress, a corner from an applique project and a antique block purchased from eBay.
I will try to make entries more often..I have a few quilts to share as well and will post pics of them as they progress.
For now, thanks for visiting and enjoy whatever free time you can manage to find today. :)

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