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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's me again!!

Well this is a first. Blogging two days in a row!!
 I found my camera! I made it a little bag a few weeks ago, put it in it so I would know where it was..haha. then I forgot I put it in the little bag. I think I need to leave myself notes about where I put things. I keep misplacing things. I wanted a place where all the cords and extra stuff I was always looking for that went with the camera could live. It works great!

Here is a photo of the cute little camera bag made from Layer Cake squares and I also  a sample for the quilt shop I work at. It is designed by Heather Bailey and is called "Smarty Girl Book Bag". It is just soooo cute and really fast and easy to make.
And Thanks for the kind and encouraging comment, it truly made my day and I will not give up!!! A journey is one step at a time!!!!
Have a great day out there in Blogland!!!
Hugs, K


  1. Cute bags. Love the one hanging on the stair railing!

  2. I l0ve your bags! Heather Bailey has the prettiest fabric and paterns~
    Thanks for visiting my blog today~Its always nice to meet new friends!