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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time For Tea & Thee

This adorable vintage wall ornament was sent by a very special friend. She found it in an antique mall in  Indiana. She knows my passion for anything "tea" and "chickens" and found both in the same piece. Is this cute or what!!! Thank you sooo much, Libby! You know me so well. I just adore this.
I also have been working on making some small bags using some Honeybun strips and left-over jellyroll strips. The pattern is included in the honeybun two roll box set. It makes a very cute bag but I don't like wasting the beautiful strips on the inside of the bag so I adapted it to use 1/2 the strip-set and a coordinate piece to line the inside. You get two bags from a set of 10 instead of just one. The Jellyrolls work as well you just need 5 of them to make two bags. I think these will make really nice gifts to have on hand for special people.
I plan on keeping one to use for my hand applique supplies. I may even play with adding a pocket inside.
Well to all of you Mothers out there I hope you have a great day celebrating with those you love and love you.  Spend your day doing whatever it is that gives you the most pleasure.
As for me, I will be in my studio for part of the day sewing and then enjoying dinner with family.
Enjoy   xxoo

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