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Friday, October 1, 2010

Red Friday

I've been inspired this morning by Valentina to sign up for Colourful Friday. I was very surprised to see how much red I could find just around the house!! It was such fun searching for reds and taking pics, even my husband played along, pointing out reds I had missed. I'm not sure he "gets" this blog thing but he is a very supportive guy.

So this is my Red Friday. Enjoy!


  1. what a fun idea....I think I will try this one day!!

  2. Good morning Kay and happy red Friday!!
    It's early morning here in Australia and I'm so glad to see you've joined us in our colour game!! It really is such fun!!
    Love love love all of your photos... so much red goodness.
    Thankyou for playing along :-) Welcome! xx

  3. Hi Kay, beautiful red photos! toni xxx

  4. You have lots of FUN items in Red!
    I really enjoyed your pictures!