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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Colorful Friday Again?

Where has the time gone. I have not accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked but I have managed to locate some favorite black and whites for Colorful Friday. I hope you have a great weekend.
White teapot

Center portion of "A Hards Days Night" quilt made for a challenge

Border detail from the above quilt

My grandmas sewing machine...she made many clothes for me on this machine..

 a replica of Norman Rockwell's  Studio

Black and white!
Enjoy.. Kay


  1. Great photos. I like your Beatles quilt! And, Grandma's sewing machine is a treasure. Have a great weekend!

  2. Lovely selection of black and white, Kay. Isn't the old Singer a great machine - built to last forever! Great quilt challenge idea, too.

  3. Hello Kay! :D
    More fabulous B&W photos...
    I was thinking teapots too :-)
    I really enjoyed seeing your pics... everyone's have been mostly so different this time... there's so much to be found!
    Happy CF Kay!!

  4. Hi your gramma's sewing machine!! Let's plan our sewday soon!!

  5. Hi Kay, loving your pics especially your Beatles quilt.