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Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Dance

The graduation quilt is finished and I delivered it this weekend with time to spare!!!! I have to say the quilting was so fun and fast and really gave the look I was going for.
Thanks Pam for encouraging me to keep were so right.
close up of vertical lines

done done done

the back
I also have some fun news to share. I have been car shopping for the last few weeks...comparing prices, models reviews etc. Finally made my decision and sat morning hubby and I set off to "make a deal".
over three hours later I drove home this.....

my sister said she needed a name..."Poppy" is what I'm thinking
Isn't she soooo cute...2011 Kia Soul (Hamsters not included)  Ha
That's all for today, I'm getting back to the Sweet Tea now.

xo Kay


  1. I love that Graduation quilt!
    Awesome fabrics, colors, pattern etc. :)

    Congratulations on your new car Poppy!
    She's a real beauty!

  2. Kay...that quilt did turn out way cute and fun!! Oh and NICE CAR!!!