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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On is my new mantra.
Life seems to be throwing me some curves lately and I'm not adjusting as well as usual. I have moments of inspiration but more of wandering around not able to focus on any one thing.

 Last week at work I became obsessed with a Quilt Soup pattern called Sweet Tea. We have had this pattern for awhile and I liked it very much but for some reason last week I "had" to make it. Now I have a work in progress for a very special graduate and was making great progress on her quilt when I was totally caught off guard by this pattern screaming in my head Make Me!!!! Of course I could not ignore such pleas and bought the pattern and the fabrics and worked obsessively for several days preparing the applique pieces and sewing the pieced blocks.

Aren't these fabrics FABULOUS!!

Blocks ready to be assembled!!!

Tea Pot and sugar bowl pinned and ready to applique

It's not hard to imagine why I became obsessed with these fabrics and this pattern. But, I must really get back to Riana's quilt...I just have to piece the back, quilt it and bind it before she leaves June 15th. How many days is that?  I can't even think about it. I need to focus. Why can't I focus?

Oh well, thanks for listening to these rambling thoughts and I will get busy now and finish SOMETHING!!!!
Wishing you all a productive day doing what ever your heart leads you to do.


  1. love your new quilt soup!!! happy to see you blogged...see u very soon!!!

  2. Life without sidetrips would be a very boring life. Enjoy your sudden turns and the beautiful things that turn out!