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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am still here!!

I don't know what is happening to Blogger. I have been trying to compose a post this morning and I can only post in HTML. I'm not even sure it will post from here. Well here it goes. I have been encountering many road blocks to updating my blog..this recent one is just the last of many. I was begining to think that maybe I wasn't meant to blog right now?? We continue to struggle with my hubby's ever changing health issues. He is currently in a rehabilitation facility so skilled staff can help him gain strength while monitoring his very complicated chronic illness. Meanwhile, in my "spare time" (haha) I have finished a quilt for my grand daughter's birthday and my secret project , a wedding quilt for my niece and husband-to-be, the wedding is Aug 25, Pam at did anamazing job machine quilting her magic onto the quilt.
This is the finished quilt for my grand daughter Stella's birthday.
Wedding quilt for Angela and Matt. Double Pinwheel using Fig Tree fabrics. King Size!
I will try to post more pictures when I can get blogger to co-operate.


  1. yeah!! both quilts look fantastic....stella's quilt is so so so stunning!! xoxoxo

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