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Friday, September 3, 2010

American Vintage

Last year for Christmas I received a fat quarter bundle of a group of fabrics called "American Vintage" from my daughter. I had given her a list of what I liked on various on-line sites. I have been looking at this fun bundle of fabrics for many months now and finally saw a pattern at work that I knew would really show them off, Ruffles from The Pattern Basket. So I purchased a light background print from Moda "Make Life" group cream with green stars, that seems to play  nice with the group and waited for time to get it started. I had a quilt in progress when I left for California and intended to finish piecing that one before starting the next one. Well, after many hours of piecing, the rows did not come out the same length. It is a verticle setting so it is important that all pieced rows are the same length. Well I ripped and re-sewed, twice..I became so frustrated and had wasted sooooo much time on this ---- quilt that I decided to put in a box and maybe work on it again sometime. Not sure what went wrong but maybe some time and space is needed before I try again.
Back to American Vintage...I began piecing this fun quilt a few days ago and it went together beautifully, thank goodness, and I am really pleased with the finished quilt. Aren't the colors happy! I have enough left- overs to make another small project with these fabrics. Great!!!
I also have a new iron. I had to replace my iron. I'm hoping I will like this shuts off automatically, that may prove to be a frustration but it may save the house from burning down so thats a good thing! It is much heavier but I can build up my arms while pressing!!
Well, happy September everyone. Hope you are spending time doing what you love.


  1. Irons are so important. The closest I have come to completely hysterical in quite a while came earlier this year when my iron unexpectedly died. You would have thought I was pregnant with a craving, "But I Neeeeed it. Nooowwww!" It was, oh, 10pm. My poor husband. I had one the next day, but what a long day it was. May you and your iron know many happy days together.

  2. Your American Vintage quilt is super cute! Nice choice of patterns to go with that fabric.