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Friday, January 28, 2011

Favorite Colors

Welcome to Colorful Friday. Its fun to be back looking at color. I decided to just show what colors are making me happy today. Seems to be a lot of blue and green. Thanks Robyn for hosting this fun excercise!!


cute sewing box with a sweet friend on top
isn't this a cheerful  house??
my favorite bag,,gift from daughter
some fun pennie pockets
lovely thread colors

who can resist a polka dot rainbow..yum

blue and green bowls..a favorite find
a sweet cottage
Well there you have it. Check out the other participants. What colors are making you happy today??


  1. such a happy place that sewing room of yours!

  2. Oh Kay... your colours are making me happy!! :-)
    I do agree with Pam.. your sewing room is a happy colourful one. Love it!
    Love the polka dots too and Quilts of course..and and and :-)

  3. Hi Kay.
    Love the colours you have chosen.
    The polka dot rainbow is just gorgeous!

  4. Such happy colours (as the others have said) - of course I love the polka dot rainbow ... and the cottage.... and the Cath Kidston bag... of course it's a favourite!!

  5. What a lovely lot of items and blue is so cheery dont you think.
    cheers Shez

  6. Love all the different items. The Penny Pockets look interesting.

  7. Hello Kay,

    Just catching up with your colours. I do love your favourite bag, I can see why you love it.Your "Sweet Cottage" is very sweet.
    Have a great week.