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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Round the Neighborhood

I wanted to share with you a finished project that I started last year at the annual retreat with my quilt group, Hen Party. Pam shared inspirational ideas she saw in a blog for an improvisational process.
I used scraps and rotary cutter and just cut shapes to "build" houses and trees. I arranged them in a circle neighborhood and used Roxanne's basting glue to hold pieces in place. There is even extra-terrestrial visitor
added by Pam while I wasn't looking. So much fun we had with this!!

Fast-forward to last week, I felt inspired to start quilting the piece and what fun that was!! Totally free-form
and no rules. This afternoon I sewed binding strips on and named it 'Round the Neighborhood!

I hope you will give this a try. I can't wait to try another!!
Happy Tuesday...
a visitor , friend??

Quilt hanging on the line

polka dot tree


  1. This quilt turned out wonderful!
    What a whimsical & darling theme.
    Congrats on getting it free-motion quilted and bound this week!

  2. love your quilt! I was working on a very similar neighborhood quilt last week!!! I also put a sun in the middle. We must have been on the same "wave length" last week! ;)