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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Honors in Blogland

sit back and have a cup of tea with me

My dear friend Pam has honored me with The Liebsters Award for which I am very excited about. The aim of this award is to bring exposure to small blogs that have less than 300 followers.
Now I need to pass on this award to three blogs that I find fun, interesting and inspiring.
Check out:
Aunt Reens Place Doreen is  accomplished at hand applique and her Dear Jane blocks are outstanding. Such small pieces!!
She always leaves such kind and encouraging comments. I really look forward to reading about what she is up to.

QuiltyCat Nichi lives in Italy and her blog is a feast for the eyes of color and fun projects. I love her modern style and check out the adorable house pincushion. I love reading about what is happening in the Italian quilt scene.

 Willowbean Creations  Madison is young mom and quilter and how she finds time for all the lovely things she makes AND decorates her home so nice I don't know. But she is an inspiration to me. I love reading her blog and I'm inspired by the projects that she shares.

Well there you have it. Happy reading.
have a seat and join me in my sewing out for the pins
Now I'm off to sew!! =) Kay


  1. Love it!! Thanks for joining in Kay...this is such fun....

  2. Thank you Kay! I will pass the Award...there are a lot of cute small blogs to share.

  3. Congratulations on your Liebsters award ! You have a wonderful blog